Marche Movenpick – Market Restaurant – The Curve

October 29, 2008 – 12:41 pm - 24,268 views

Marché (pronounced Mar-shay), which means “market” in French, is a creative, colorful and innovative restaurant concept developed by the Swiss-based Mövenpick Group.

It’s something like a buffet, but it’s not eat-all-you-can style, you get a ‘passport’ which you stamp as you take food and then pay for at the end (PLEASE don’t lose the passport as it’ll cost you RM200!).

Yes we do eat at The Curve a lot, but we haven’t even covered a quarter of the eateries there, there’s just so many!

When you find a table you can ‘chop’ it with the sign board as you’ll be wondering around finding food, it’s a good idea.

Marche Movenpick - The Curve

There’s plenty to choose from with section for potatoes, mushrooms, fruit, pasta, salad, meat, pizza, desserts and much more!

Marche Movenpick - The Curve

It does have a very market feel with lots of fresh/raw ingredients around and plenty of things to take pictures of.

Marche Movenpick - The Curve

Plenty for the meat lovers amongst you too.

Marche Movenpick - The Curve

We started out with the fresh mushroom soup, it was pretty good and plenty of croutons!

Fresh Mushroom Soup

And the Caesar salad, it still can’t beat Italiannies though.

Caesar Salad

We followed that with the Lamb Shank, which was ok – served with potatoe wedges which were nice.

Lamb Shank

And the stone baked pizza, which was good – heavy and the toppings and lovely chewy cheese.

Stone Baked Pizza

We tried a couple of desserts, both of which looked much better than they tasted.


All in all it was ok and quite expensive, I think for the price you can find similar types of food (but much nicer) even in The Curve itself and definitely outside.

They are always packed though, so they must be doing something right..Perhaps we just missed out on the good dishes. They have a kind of buffet deal on Tuesdays too, well they used to, I’m not sure if they still do.

All in all we give it a We Ate This 5/10.

We Ate This 5/10


G87, Ground Floor
The Curve, Mutiara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya

Location on Wikimapia (It’s in Curve!).

Offical website:

Tel: 03 7728 9200

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  1. 12 Responses to “Marche Movenpick – Market Restaurant – The Curve”

  2. marche is not bad. you should give them a called and ask them bout the buffet nights. apparently the buffet is a promotional thing, and it can be on and off, on different days depending on the month.

    if not mistakened, marche’s buffet cost only less than 50 per head. worth every penny, no? if you compare to some fancy hotel buffet that tastes nothing like that.

    By kevin on Oct 30, 2008

  3. Do they have beer on tap? the singapore outlet does ..

    By eksk on Oct 30, 2008

  4. I think their food are a bit overpriced 🙁

    By mimid3vils on Oct 30, 2008

  5. I still prefer the S’pore branch as it has a lot more variety, i.e. beer on tap and pork meat.

    Anyway, how was the Movenpick ice-cream? I think that was the only dessert I took the last time I was there.

    It is a bit overpriced though. 🙁

    By Angie Tan on Nov 3, 2008

  6. Haven’t eaten at Marche for quite long time… Yes, here in Jakarta, it’s also expensive and the food is just tasted so-so.

    By Selba on Nov 20, 2008

  7. Love the look of the mushroom soup – pile on the croutons! I agree that it’s a tad overpriced – you have to be selective about what you put on your tray… not everything’s top notch!

    By 550ml jar of faith on Dec 2, 2008

  8. been here b4. food soso but i really like the market concept. good place to chill out

    By Ghost on Dec 14, 2008

  9. doest it halal’s restaurant???

    By mick on Aug 31, 2009

  10. A friend of mine in Malaysia is planning a Halloween dinner here cuz apparently there’s no party for the under-aged. Can anyone tell me whether this is a good idea? Or maybe find out if there’s any costume party going on for Halloween 2010? Living in NY, I have obviously never encountered this problem, but still…

    By Cece Cullen on Sep 29, 2010

  11. I applied for the membership card last night but honestly, the S’pore outlet is wayyy better with the smoky aroma of steak on grill, beer flowing and the authentic ‘market’ feel is there. The venue here is a tad bit small and ambience a bit gloomy.Food wise, i would definitely recommend the penne pasta with beef meatballs in creme sauce (it’s insanely good!!), roesti with bratwurst or cheese, a MUST try! Roast chicken here is awesome too, as well as the Cous-cous salad. It is indeed overpriced but the taste and satisfaction that entails are much better than some of the hotel cuisine I’ve had 🙂

    By Karen on Oct 26, 2010

  12. marche is a very good restaurant.. and so many variety.. and halal to! 🙂

    By Aidil on Apr 14, 2011

  13. im a bit confuse.

    since when marche is halal? because halal cert is only approve by jakim.
    try google in halal directory, you wont find marche in the list.

    hope owner of marche can explain or at least start apply halal from jakim. majority of malaysian is muslim. halal food is something should be take seriously.

    you are what you eat. 🙂

    By alia on Jan 28, 2012

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