A Little Dim Sum Place – SS2

January 14, 2008 – 10:38 am - 9,678 views

Dim Sum is something like Chinese finger food or tapas, small portions of a variety of dishes based around pork and prawns with many varieties of dumplings.

Generally steamed in bamboo containers with some deep fried variants.

A Little Dim Sum Place used to be in Hartamas some time back, I used to go there for lunch when I was working in Plaza Mon’t Kiara. Conveniently for me it’s now moved to SS2, the heart of food for Petaling Jaya.

A Little Dim Sum Place - SS2

It’s a slightly upper scale version of Dim Sum than those normal street side establishments, although for the quality of the food it’s still very reasonably priced.

One of my favourite all time Dim Sum dishes is Wu Kok or Deep fried yam puffs.

Wu Kok - Yam Puffs

Another one of their well known dishes is the Bacon Roll – delicious real bacon…hmm.

Bacon Roll

The Char Siew Bao (Honey BBQ Pork Buns) are delicious too, the outside not too thick, light and fluffy and overflowing with juicy meaty bits.

Char Siew Bao

The Chee Cheong Fun (Steamed Rice Noodle with Shrimp) is also light and not too overwhelming.

Chee Cheong Fun

Another firm favourite is Pai Kuat or Steamed Spareribs, I eat at least 2 plates of these at any Dim Sum establishment.

Pai Kuat

The final and definiative Dim Sum dish is Lor Mai Kai or Steamed Glutinous rice, absolutely delicious. Sometimes it’s rather rich and a bit too sticky – but this one is just nice and goes down a treat with some hot tea.

Lor Mai Kai

This varied meal for two came up to a reasonable RM39.96 including a pot of Pu Er tea and some mushroom lettuce rolls.

We give them a We Ate This 8/10.

We Ate This - 8/10


12 Jalan SS2/63,
Petaling Jaya

Location on Wikimapia. You can find it in the same row at KTZ (Kay Ta Sek).

Tel: 03-78731876

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  1. 14 Responses to “A Little Dim Sum Place – SS2”

  2. Nice! I should head out there to try it out! GEtting hungry now…

    By Nastasshea@Nesh on Jan 14, 2008

  3. no staple har gau n siu mai??

    By lotsofcravings on Jan 14, 2008

  4. I love their Loh Mai Kai too but do go back and try their Custard Bun. Really really really good!

    By Precious Pea on Jan 14, 2008

  5. looks delectable. definitely worth a try one of these days.

    By kher Cheng Guan on Jan 14, 2008

  6. Honestly, their prices are not one bit reasonable. You could probably get better dimsum at some traditional Chinese coffee shop for a cheaper price.

    By cfs. on Jan 14, 2008

  7. you eat at least 2 plates of pai kuat at every dim sum place.

    By KY on Jan 15, 2008

  8. great food goes with great pu er tea..

    By ignatio on Jan 15, 2008

  9. No har kao?:D
    They don’t have shrimp-based dumplings?

    By Christy on Jan 16, 2008

  10. Nastasshea@Nesh: Definitely worth a try.

    lotsofcravings: I think eating Siu Mai is like eating noodles or rice at a buffet…waste of stomach space ๐Ÿ˜›

    Precious Pea: Ok will bear that in mind for next time.

    kher Cheng Guan: Give it a go.

    cfs.: Please let me know which coffee shop has better dim sum for cheaper and I’ll go there.

    KY: Confirmed ๐Ÿ™‚

    ignatio: Agreed!

    Christy: Yah they have, I tend to stick to my favourite stuff. They have king siu mai too with huge prawns.

    By He on Jan 16, 2008

  11. There’s one in Tmn Megah. The same row as 7-11, facing Ming Tien foodcourt. I’m not sure what it’s called but it’s a corner shop.

    By cfs. on Jan 16, 2008

  12. cfs.: Yah that one is called Key Hiong and it’s fairly average, normal Dim Sum place. I’ve been there many times, good variety and open very early. Will post about it one day too. Any others?

    By He on Jan 16, 2008

  13. Hi. I am wondering if anyone knows what happened to Grandma’s kitchen in uptown d’sara?it serves good quality dim sum..somehow closed..can’t find one…:(

    By Jac on May 13, 2009

  14. Hi. Just a suggestion. I find this shop Kong Ma Dim Sum in Sungai Buloh selling excellent dim sum. Fresh prawns and generously giving big portion of dim sums. They serve dinner too.

    I found out this place via my GPS. It’s next to the Sg Buloh Wet Market.

    By genojk on May 19, 2009

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